May 3, 2015

A Right Response to Victory

Passage: Psalm 21
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Questions for Consideration in Family Worship

  1. How do Psalms 20 and 21 relate?
  2. What is one of the ways in which God increases our faith?
  3. What is the congregation praising God for in vss 1-7?
  4. Based on God's faithfulness in answering the prayer of Psalm 20, what conclusion does this Psalm make in vss 8-12?
  5. What can we learn from the fact that, despite the victory that God had just wrought, the people anticipate future battles?
  6. Are the descriptions in Scripture of the punishment of the wicked over-exaggerated?
  7. Verse 10 speaks of God not only destroying the wicked but also their descendants; is this fair?
  8. How does this Psalm find its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ?
  9. How did God answer Jesus' prayers in the garden of Gethsemane?
  10. Was the death of Jesus a defeat or a victory?