April 3, 2016

Stand Up and Bless the Lord

Passage: Psalm 27
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Questions for Consideration in Family Worship

  1. What is unique about David using the term "light" in reference to God? Where else is this done in Scripture?
  2. How do verses 2 & 3 answer the two questions raised in verse 1?
  3. What is the one thing that David has asked the Lord for and which he will seek after?
  4. Why does David ask to dwell in God's house and inquire in His temple? Can't God be worshipped anywhere? Is there any significance to corporate worship that can't be had elsewhere?
  5. What is the structure of David's prayer in vss. 7-12? What are each of the petitions offered? What is significant about the request for deliverance in the last verse?
  6. Verse 8 contains the word "seek" twice. How do these differ? Why is that significant?
  7. When David speaks of the "land of the living" in verse 13, to what does he refer?
  8. What is David's final exhortation?
  9. To whom does David address his final exhortation?
  10. In what ways does Christ offer us healing today?