September 6, 2015

The Benefits of Redemption

Passage: Psalm 23:1
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First practice on one psalm, even one little verse of the psalm. You will progress enough if you learn to make only one verse a day, or even one a week, live and breathe in your heart. After this beginning is made, everything else will follow, and you will have a rich treasury of understanding and affection. Only see that you do not let weariness and discouragement scare you out of beginning it. For this is truly to sing psalms, or, as the Scriptures say of David, to strike the harp with the hand. For the light fingers of the harpist are the emotions of the heart moving about in the words of the psalms. Without this the strings do not sound, and the psalm is not sung, because it is not touched.

-- Luther, Martin. Luther's Works, Vol. 14: Selected Psalms III. Ed.

Questions for consideration in family worship:

  1. How does Psalm 23 relate to Psalm 22?
  2. What does the name LORD (YHWH) convey about God?
  3. What does it mean that God is transcendent?
  4. What does the personal pronoun "my" convey about God? How does that relate to His transcendence?
  5. What ways are we like sheep?
  6. What is the job of the shepherd?
  7. In what way does Christ shepherd His sheep?
  8. What is the first benefit of redemption listed in Psalm 23?
  9. What is the result of this first benefit?
  10. How do we achieve the joy and contentment expressed by David in this Psalm?