March 22, 2015

Contented Assurances

Passage: Philippians 4:10-23
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Contented Assurances (Phil 4:10-23)

Paul's purpose in this closing passage (v. 10)

To convey __________________ for answered prayers through them.

To dispel any impression he was _______________________.

What had Paul learned? (v. 11)

1. To be content, regardless of his _________________________

2. He was not ________-sufficient; he was ____________-sufficient.

How did he learn those lessons (v. 12)

How is Paul's expression of faith contrary to the spirit of our age? (v 13)

How does Paul view the kindness of the Philippians? (v 14)

Why did he view it in that light? (vv 15-16)

Why was Paul pleased for their sake? (v 17)

How does giving relate to worship? (v. 18)

What is the source of Paul's contentment? (v 19). What is yours?

How has God used Paul's circumstances to extend His kingdom? (There's more ways than you may first think)