March 15, 2015

The Key to Unlocking the T.O.E.

Passage: Psalm 19
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Below are a few links to helpful resources related to this sermon on Psalm 19.

Calvin's Commentary on Psalm 19 - Calvin's comments on this Psalm, particularly his observations on David's view of the Law, are extremely helpful.

22 Benefits of Meditating on Scripture from Justin Taylor - Justin Taylor summarizes 22 benefits of meditating on Scripture from Joel Beeke's essay "The Puritan Practice of Meditation." There is also a link in Taylor's article to Beeke's full essay.

Yale University has published 73 volumes of the works of Jonathan Edwards which can be read online for free. You can find all 73 volumes here. The two works, "On Insects" and "The 'Spider' Letter", referenced in this sermon can be found here.